PraClip ABEC 11 Titanium Bearings


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Packaged in a re-usable metal box, these ABEC 11 titanium skate bearings look as quality as they ride. Used by some of Australia's best skateboarders, these bearings are performance tested and approved.

Titanium is lightweight, durable and highly rust resistant. Bearings made from titanium perform similar to steel bearings, but can last longer due to titanium's strength and resistance to corrosion. Like steel bearings, keep titanium bearings lubricated to reduce excess friction.

Bearings come with spacers & washers, with a signature PraClip green logo shield.

We recommend popping the plastic shields on these bearings to get that extra raw street sound!

PraClip skateboard bearings cater from beginner to advanced.

– High quality titanium

– ABEC 11

– Removable rubber shield

– Nylon cage

– Grease lubricated

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