Zero Mariusz Lewandowski Collection - Set of 7 Decks


Mariusz Lewandowski (1960 - 2022) was a surreal oil painter from Poland. He was inspired by music and unexplained phenomena.
By listening attentively to his thoughts & exploring the deepest layers of his subconscious he was able to share an in-depth glimpse into his imagination through his paintings for nearly forty years. This process gave him the ability to depict unexplainable phenomena.
May he rest in peace.

This set of seven boards includes:

  • Zero Miracle of Creation - 8.00"
  • Zero Above The Abyss - 8.5"
  • Zero Melancholy II Deck - 8.5"
  • Zero Nocturne Deck - 8.375"
  • Zero Monastery Deck - 8.25"
  • Zero Miraculously Saved Deck - 8.625"
  • Zero When the Mind Sleeps Deck  - 8.25"

This set of seven is discounted just over 10% compared to the individual purchase price of each deck. Free Australia Wide shipping included.

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