Manifesto: All Killer No Filler. Very rare, very sought after, and extremely limited. And the fact is, we love all this sh*t! - JVL

Evolve Skate Store, known simply as Evolve, was opened in 1999. With a long history in skateboarding and graphic design the store's inspiration came from the evolution of skateboarding through the early to mid '90's, and along with a passion for cult, sci-fi and B grade movies, Evolve found their direction and aesthetic, and now going on 21 years in the game, Evolve hasn't looked back.

Evolve is one of Melbourne's longest running, independent skate stores, and the reasons it's longevity begins with the enjoyment and passion for the culture. This manifests into a wealth of knowledge of skate product and skate history. This wealth of knowledge is an invaluable resource when it comes to customers looking to find help regarding all things skate.

An important focus for Evolve over the years has been on graphics design and aesthetics. This is reflected in the store's stable of core brands which have been stocked throughout the stores' history. Being relatively small and with limited space, every item in the store has to be carefully selected, whether that be for t-shirts, footwear, skateboard decks, and everything else, even stickers.

Background History
Back in '99 Evolve was one of the first stores to stock a selection of then relatively unknown streetwear brands like A Bathing Ape, SSUR, a fledgling Obey Giant, BLK/MRKT, Medicom Toy, Supreme and PAM. Most of these brands had spawned from the underground subcultures of skateboarding, graffiti, streetwear and music that was coming out of cities like New York, LA and Tokyo in the late '90's.


Some questions to consider answering as part of this “About Us” 

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What makes your business special?
  • When your customers give feedback, what kinds of things do they tell you are important to them? (This is why they shop with you) 
  • What is it about your product range that makes your shop so popular?
  • Who are your customers? Groups/similarities between them)
  • How do you explain/reinforce what you want your customers to remember and value about you?
  • What’s your connection to the local community, skaters etc?
    • How do you continue to support/engage with them?
  • Why are YOU so passionate about what you do? The brands you carry? The service you want to be known for?