Concepts Lobster DUNK LOW og QS
raffle is now closed

entry open to australian residents only

Strictly no international entries permitted

RRP: $180.00 SHIPPING: $25.00 TOTAL: $205.00

Release details as follows:

  1. Winners will be selected at random

  2. Winners will be required to pay using PayID

  3. Only the winning entrants will be notified by email no later than 7:00pm on Friday the 2nd of December

  4. Strictly 1 Entry per person

    Entries found to have duplicates will be removed from the raffle

  5. Shoe size and address specified on the Raffle Entry Form is final

    No changes will be made once registration is complete

  6. Entries close 8:00am Thursday the 1st of December

please fill out the raffle entry form accurately
Concepts Lobster Nike SB Dunk Low OG QS Raffle