Futura Laboratories x Nike SB Dunk LOW QS
raffle is now closed

entry open to australian residents only

Strictly no international entries permitted

RRP: $190.00 SHIPPING: $25.00 TOTAL: $215.00

Release details as follows:

  1. To enter Evolve's Futura Laboratories x NikeSB Dunk Low Raffle, participants are required to submit an original concept and colourway for an SB Dunk Low, accompanied by a short description of their design process.

  2. Futura is a pioneer in New York Graffiti, your design must tie into Graffiti or Street Art in some way.

  3. This design must be of your own creation!

    There is no limit to your creativity!
    Using any medium you like, be it with the provided template, digital, handmade, using pencils, Posca’s, aerosol, Post-It notes, Blender, Illustrator, Photoshop, 3D printing, water colours, or whatever you choose, imagine what you would want in your own SB Dunk design.

    You can collect a Dunk Template >Here<

  4. Entries close 11:59pm, Sunday the 26th of May

  5. Based on feedback from our previous Design-a-Dunk raffle, winners will be decided as per the following criteria:

  6. 50% of the stock will be allocated to the designs Evolve feels stand out amongst the competition.
    This is to reward entrants who go above and beyond!

  7. The remaining stock and designs will go into a size-based, randomly selected raffle.
    This gives every participant a chance to win!

  8. Evolve will release a video on Instagram a few days after the winners have been contacted, showcasing the winning designs.

  9. Only the winning entrants will be notified by email no later than 8:00pm Tuesday the 28th of May.

  10. Winners will be required to pay using PayID.

  11. Shoe size and address specified on the Entry Form is final.

    No changes will be made once registration is complete.

  12. Strictly 1 Entry per person.

    Entries found to have duplicates will be removed from the raffle.

please fill out the raffle entry form accurately

Futura Laboratories x NikeSB Dunk Low Pro OG QS Design-a-Dunk Contest