Polaroid Dunk Low Pro QS

Strictly no international entries permitted 

RRP: $160.00 / Shipping: $20.00
Total: $180.00

Please ensure that you fill out the Raffle Entry Form accurately
Release details as follows:

Snap a pic of your Nikes to enter our raffle

So long as there is a swoosh, your photo is eligible.

Beaten, brand new, on boards, on feet, on bedsheets. You can edit your photo, visit locations, and enter with one shoe or your entire collection.

Valid entries will be required to include a
handwritten note with an instagram handle and date in the photo they submit,
verifying the creation as their own and thus qualifying for the draw.

You can only enter with one photo, so make sure it's your best work.

Your photo can be uploaded to a Google Form linked at the bottom of this page.
Based on feedback from our previous Design-a-Dunk raffle,
winners will be decided as per the following criteria: 

50% of the stock will be allocated to the entries that Evolve feels stand out amongst the competition. This is to reward those who go above and beyond.

    All remaining stock will be entered into a size-based, randomly selected raffle there after, giving every single entrant a chance to win.

After winners have been contacted and the shoes shipped, we will put together a short video showcasing both the selected and randomly drawn photos
The winning entrants will be notified by email no later than
7:00pm on Friday April 8th
Winners will be required to pay using PayID
(Online Banking App)
Strictly 1 entry per person
Entries found to have duplicates will be removed from the raffle
The shoe size and address specified on the Raffle Entry Form
is final. No changes will be made once registration closes
Entries close 11.59 pm Tuesday April 5th


Good Luck and Have Fun!