Zero When the Mind Sleeps Deck - 8.25"


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'Summers  -When the Mind Sleeps'

  • *Assorted Top Veneers, Chosen at Random*

  • Resin7 construction with a slightly mellower nose & tail than our standard concave.

  • Dimensions:
    - 8.25" x 31.9" | WB: 14.25"

Marius Lewandowski (1960 - 2022) was a surreal oil painter from Poland. He was inspired by music and unexplained phenomena.

By listening attentively to his thoughts & exploring the deepest layers of his subconscious he was able to share an in-depth glimpse into his imagination through his paintings for nearly forty years. This process gave him the ability to depict unexplainable phenomena.

May he rest in peace.

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