Spitfire Radial Formula Four 93a


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93a Duro offer a controllable, consistent slide anywhere!

Soft duro combined with a higher rebound compound results in a wheel that absorbs more impact and vibration. Easier on your body for longer sessions.

The Spitfire Formula Four Radial skateboard wheel features a wide contact patch with a rounded edge design for control, speed, and a responsive slide on all terrain

Spitfire Formula Fours were developed to combine all the desired properties of a performance skateboarding wheel without sacrificing any one attribute at the expense of another.

The Formula Four Performance Urethane comes not from a single benefit, but from a combination of qualities and features that together produce a truly great wheel.

An unmatched abrasion resistant wheel, meaning fewer flat spots and a longer lasting wheel that holds size and shape longer.

Spitfires are top of their class. One of, if not THE best skateboard wheel out there.

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